Beginning Sunday, June 2, i will be offering group yoga sessions poolside from 4 - 5 pm thru August.
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Private Fitness Training 
Personalized Plans

Personalized weekly, monthly and yearly fitness plans will be designed after the initial assessment and understanding of fitness goals have been completed. 
All sessions will be one on one and different exercise modalities will be employed depending on each individuals abilities.
Fitness Coach/Support
My services include personalized, one on one sessions. I will also be available to offer coaching and support outside of scheduled one on one sessions to help you acheive your health and fitness goals.

Your success is my success! I will be dedicated to helping you  achieve your goals. Working together, we can do it!

Nutritional Guidance

​I can offer nutritional guidance and support to help each client reach their fitness goals and maintain good nutrition. An important part of any wellness plan includes eating lots of vegetables, fruit and protein. 

I can guide you with healthy, nutritious meals that are satisfying and will compliment your fitness plan. Combining healthy meals with a fitness plan will help you feel energized!  

I will also provide support and motivation to stay on track with your goals.